Your air conditioning unit uses up more electricity than any other appliance or device in your home. Here in Florida, the cost of running your unit can represent up to 70 percent of your electric bill! Upgrading to a new AC unit means a big investment up front, but there are lots of reasons this will save you money in the future. Here are five of the best reasons to upgrade your air conditioner now.

1. Your AC is Over Ten Years Old

Have you noticed an increase in electric costs or that your unit runs all the time? Or maybe that certain rooms never seem to cool down? As your air conditioner ages, it costs you more money. Parts get worn and need replacing. The unit operates less efficiently, increasing your electric costs. When you add up all these expenses and compare the cost of keeping an older, less efficient unit running to the cost of a new, efficient unit, a new unit makes a lot more sense.

2. Your House Has Grown

If you’ve added new rooms to your house or insulated new rooms, you need an air conditioner that’s designed for your home’s new total square footage under air. Not only is your existing unit old, it also probably wasn’t designed to power the new size of your house. This means that it’s probably running longer, which is costing you more.

3. You Control the Timing

When you replace your existing AC unit on your timetable, you have a chance to research the size and brand that’s right for you and your family while living in the comfort that your functioning air conditioner provides. Waiting until you’re faced with a major repair may seem tempting, but if it happens in August, you may be stuck in a hot, humid home while you wait for the new unit to be installed. Sitting in that heat isn’t good for your house or anyone in it. The heat exacerbates health issues like allergies. It’s also dangerous for any family members with health conditions that make them vulnerable to the heat such as heart or circulatory problems. Plus, you are more likely to go with whatever your AC company can get quickly. This may not be ideal for your needs. So take the time to do your research, and call us at All Air & Heat for suggestions and recommendations. We prefer to have you take your time and do thorough research, than be rushed because your AC unit stopped working.

4. A New Unit Buys You Peace of Mind

Having a shiny new air conditioner installed means you can count on not needing more repairs to your unit for a while. Your new AC unit also comes with a new warranty, which means any problems you face with parts breaking or needing to be replaced will be fixed without an uncomfortable hit to your budget. You can rest easy knowing you’ll be able to get the new unit fixed if indeed something goes wrong.

A New Air Conditioner Reduces Your Electricity Costs

Your new AC will come with all the latest technological advances, such as an electronic thermostat which allows you to program different temperatures in your home at different times of day and remote access to change or monitor the temperature in your home anytime. This gives you a home that’s just the right temperature when you’re at home and away, every day. The new unit will run more efficiently than your old one, which means just cooling or heating your home can be done for less money than your old unit was costing. Upgrading your old, inefficient unit to a new unit with a SEER (Seasonal Efficiency Energy Ratio) rating of at least 16 can reduce the electricity needed to power your air conditioner by 70 percent. It won’t take long for those savings to add up, especially here in Brevard County!

Let us recommend the upgrade that’s right for your home. Call All Air and Heat today to have one of our experienced professionals inspect your existing unit and discuss the best options for you.